Runner's Footprints

Runner's Footprints

Friday, October 19, 2018

Mt. San Gorgonio Summit 11,503'

We get one special life on this world, why not make the most of it. Every morning or night, I take a moment to ask myself: how did I make today amazing, what am I grateful for, how will I make tomorrow great? I found my fire very early in my life, but just like with any fire, you have to continuously feed it fuel/gas for it to remain ignited. The more you feed it, the more it will flame. Taking these moments of reflection, meditation, and mindfulness are very important for everyone. It allows us to have direction, look back on how far we've come, and also to be present to appreciate what is around us now. If we allow ourselves at any stage of our life to focus too much on the future, past, or present, the others will suffer and not in the good way. Therefore, we should continuously give ourselves that space to work on ourselves to be balanced within our mind and spirit. We never know when our time will end in this lifetime either decades from now or tomorrow, living purposefully takes conscious effort -- and this does not take a great deal of money. It first takes time in creating the mental space within ourselves and making the decision: yes, I will live today focused, grateful, and purposeful. 

Almost losing my life, almost losing my sister's life whitewater rafting having her hand slip mine over an eddy, almost losing my father's life to cancer, losing all my grandparents to chronic health problems has given me my personal perspective that I will not and can not take a day for granted. The road to achieve our goals and personal definition of success can be a lonely road, but find what ignites your fire and keep that flame up because in the end when we are in our last months of life we never say: I wish I would have worked more at my desk or had that car, new house, etc. We say: I wish I would have lived more. You have the power to live today. 



Vivian Creek Trailhead 
10:40am start - 6000’
11:40am Mile 3 (1:00) - 7900’
1:40pm Mile 8 (3:00) - 10,800’
2:07pm Summit (3:27 up) - 11,503’
30min lunch
2:37pm leave
5:40pm finish (2:43 down)

start 51F
summit 25F windchill // 10-15mph winds (mild)
finish 55F

Caloric Intake: 
200 Vital4U, drip drop, eggs - wake up
400 sandwich - 2hrs before start
200 almond butter
100 Stryve biltong stick
300 pita chips, pineapple
200 stryve stick, Vital4U - Mile 8
500 sandwich, Matcha almonds - Mile 8.5 Summit
300 almonds - Mile 11
400 snack peas - Mile 19 finish
700 ceviche and brown rice bowl - home
3,300 TOTAL

Rehydration Strategy: 
3 - 1L water with Drip Drop
 * 1L morning/during drive
 * 1.5L ascent to summit
 * 0.5L descent to finish

My first solo attempt and successful summit of Southern California's highest peak. Checking mountain weather first, always having the proper gear from head to toe, navigation, training, and extra fuel/hydration in case of emergencies. Always inform someone of your exact location, start, end, etc. If it is your first attempt, do not go alone. I have been on this mountain and all socal peaks several times in the past twenty years. I now wanted to take the plunge to go solo and happily enjoyed every peaceful moment of no service. Trek on safely, friends. 

34 summits in 3 months to celebrate my 34th year // so far:
9/21 Baldy summit (ski hut) - 4000’
9/23 San Jacinto summit (devils) - 4400’
10/4 Wilson summit solo - 4900’
10/5 Echo mtn - 1400’
10/12 Three Ts solo (icehouse) - 4700’
10/14 Gorgonio solo (vivian) - 5300’
24,700 TOTAL // so far and to be continued... 

Goals and dreams that make you wake up excited are always worth it. 
Never stop dreaming and striving towards them however difficult it gets.