Runner's Footprints

Runner's Footprints

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Celebrating +400 races

Runner's World Magazine, 2013
I'm asked often: how are you so motivated so often? I commonly am categorized as a "machine", "beast", "tiger". I love it and honestly accept it. However, it isn't by accident. I'm also human. I'm weak. I cry. I have many nights solo hustling hard towards work projects and deadlines to make my goals and dreams happen. I'm not your typical female and I am proud of what my father has taught me in that sense. To suck it up. To figure it out. To take every challenge, fear, and setback with the biggest damn fire you can and go head on. It's part of the biggest reason why I'll take goals on my own. I am comfortable on my own. I'm comfortable traveling solo, taking on challenges on my own, training probably 90% of the time alone -- you learn and discover truly what you are made of. Your mind is a very powerful tool. Allow yourself to tap into its deepest realms alone first. Going through struggles, setbacks, solitude, freedom, livelihood, everything in between. I will not settle. I will not be ordinary... and this is where it started. When I was very young perhaps ten years old, I decided then and there: I WILL BE EXTRAORDINDARY. There are 7.7 billion people on this planet -- how will you write your story? I wrote it on my mirror. I wrote it on my notebook. I imprinted in my mind. I wanted to make myself believe it and I knew my dad believed it deep down. Little by little as I achieved thing after thing beating who I was the day before in advanced math competitions, art competitions, music competitions --- I began to believe. I am extraordinary. It is NOT because I am talented. It is because I put in hours after hours towards a craft each night at age 5, 10, 15, 20 and every single year I have breath. Many believe all I do is run and that is all my life, but one beautiful thing my sister told me when I was a teen: "I know you will succeed in anything you put your heart into because, Nadia, you pour EVERYTHING you have in it. You don't care if others are doing less or are naturally talented. You do you and aim to succeed and be the best Nadia." She was right. I have that imprinted in my mind. Be the best version of myself.

I ask myself and ask you: who are we after the motivation wears off? We all have bad days, struggles, setbacks, days that make us ask: why me? YOU are not alone in your struggle. It’s normal and part of the process of continually trying to seek more. You are allowed to feel weak. You are allowed to feel helpless. You are allowed to just give yourself a day to say: I know this is meant for me to dig deep and figure shit out. I cannot count the days or even years I've cried alone in frustration, solitude, helplessness, and learning what it takes. My mom has seen it. My dad has. My siblings have. Many, many times they have not as many will never see it. Who am I after the motivation wears off? 

I'm here to tell you, YOU are meant to be extraordinary. Find the beast that thrives within you because I PROMISE you if you dig deep enough, you will find it. And when you do, it becomes something very special that allows you to find the eternal fire within yourself. We all have it. You do, too.

* * * 

I’m honored to share my podcast interview @therunduo for a kick reminder what we are capable of if we apply yourself beyond 100% every day possible. My interview starts at 33:00 for a 30min listen. Feel free to share then lace up those shoes no matter what the situation is and get your body moving. Approaching my 21st anniversary of running, celebrating over 400 races collectively around the world and one relentless fire that will not go out. /// If you need an endurance coach, contact me via email and I am happy to guide you to reach your next level goals.

Episode 19 featuring Nadia Ruiz 
on The Run Duo podcast. Listen on:


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