Runner's Footprints

Runner's Footprints

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Celebrating +400 races

Runner's World Magazine, 2013
I'm asked: how do you stay motivated? Many friends have called me a machine or beast. I appreciate it because I understand where it comes from. We are in awe of what our friends, age groupers, or elites can accomplish daily or at their events.

However, I've learned over time I am not the typical female and it may be in part how my father raised me-- tough love as he would put it. It wasn't until recently reading books and following journeys of other tough minded individuals such as David Goggins or Jocko Wilkins that I could understand the tough grit it takes to reach where you want to go. Every day will not be easy. Most days might suck. The main message: suck it up, figure it out, take every challenge, fear, and setback with the biggest fire you can and go head on.

Your mind is a very powerful tool. Going through struggles, setbacks, solitude, and everything in between provide the medium for growth. There are 7.8 billion people on this planet -- how will you write your story? My sister told me when I was a little girl: "I know you will succeed in anything you put your heart into, because you pour everything you have in it." She was right. This has cost me to lose and sacrifice many things in life in order to achieve the things I want. It has been a nonstop process of insatiable hunger: be the best version of myself.

Who are we after the motivation wears off? We have days maybe months to years where we ask ourselves: why me. One important thing to remember is: you are not alone in your struggle. It’s normal and part of the process. You are allowed to feel weak. You are allowed to feel helpless. You are allowed to just give yourself a day to say: I know this is meant for me to dig deep and figure it out.

I'm here to share: YOU are meant to be extraordinary. Find the beast that thrives within you because I promise if you dig deep enough, you will find it. When you do, it becomes something very special that allows you to find the eternal fire within yourself. We all have it. You do, too. Everyday is our chance to find it. 
* * * 

I’m honored to share my podcast interview @therunduo for a reminder what we are capable of if we try to apply ourselves in little ways every day. My interview starts at 33:00 for a 30min listen. Feel free to share then lace up those shoes no matter what the situation is and get your body moving. At the time of recording in 2018, I was celebrating 400 races in 22 years of running around the world. If you need an endurance coach or mentor, email me your three goals and let's get started. 

Episode 19 featuring Nadia Ruiz 
on The Run Duo podcast. Listen on:


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