Runner's Footprints

Runner's Footprints

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Teach. Coach. Inspire.

Commonly asked question I receive: do you have kids? Sure. I have had about 200 of them every year over the last 10 years. 2,000 or so. Parents aim to love, guide, teach, inspire, and motivate their children to become self sufficient adults. What do teachers do? If you don't think your child's teacher does the same then you need to homeschool your child. Parenting is challenging. Teaching is challenging. Comparing difficultly is pointless as not everyone is meant for either or both. Both work in harmony. It takes a certain kind of heart. There are frustrating days where you don't think you're doing enough. There are days when you even want to break down. But you don't because you're in it for them. 

Field Trips with my students
I'm far from perfect, but I know I try everyday. Some days I fail. Some days I don't. I teach who I can. I coach who I can. And I am honored to have been a part of the lives of my students and athletes of all ages. It's their inquisitiveness to learn, their desire to be better that inspires me to be the best version of me. Anyone who has been in my classroom or has been under my wing as my athlete knows I set the expectations high. I raise the bar high for you because I know you can exceed it.  

Commencement Speaker
Since I was little, I knew I wanted to teach. To inspire. To motivate. I didn't know how yet, but I did everything I could to learn what I could. I learned to love to read in preschool and have never stopped loving to read books since. I learned to love school because I loved learning. Earning my Bachelor's of Science in Bio, Master's in Education, & Teacher's credential from UCLA only said on paper that I had the knowledge to teach. Thing is when you become a teacher or parent, the simple desire of being a teacher or parent isn't enough. What's the best way to teach and motivate? MODEL THE BEHAVIOR YOU WANT TO SEE. You can't teach motivation, but you can surely be an example. We tell our kids over and over: "you can be anything you want to be.... dream big....." When does this stop?? It shouldn't. A child, a student, and/or athlete will work hard for you when they see YOU work hard for them. You should keep dreaming big. You should keep fighting for what you believe. Keep working towards your goals. Keep believing in yourself. Because there's a generation of youth watching. Be the inspiration you want to see. Be the motivation you want to see. Be the best version of YOU. It's in all of us that yes we can.

Coaching Carolyn age 55 to a marathon PR at Portland
Coaching inquiries please email me at and together we'll achieve your goals. 

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