Runner's Footprints

Runner's Footprints

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2014 Athletic Goals

"When you fail to plan, you are planning to fail." I for one deeply believe in this saying. For me, it is always crucially important to reflect on our past endeavors, assess our present moment, and plan with direction for the future to be able to optimize our journey as we see fit.

Many look to the new year enthusiastically as a new beginning. It is a fresh start to make dreams a reality. Others may view it as another chance to leave behind the past and move forward for a greater, brighter year. Regardless of your take, it is a wonderful time to take the opportunity to give ourselves a renewed sense of direction and purpose. One of the most glorious and great masterpiece of man is to have the choice to live life with purpose. When we live with purpose, everyday then becomes brighter, becomes more beautiful, and becomes a continuous blessing. Last year, I had my share of personal accomplishments and also very deep emotional challenges; however, I am extremely grateful to have experienced them because sometimes the darkest and lowest moments in our life teach us truly our inner strengths. 

SFM - 100th marathon
In 2013, broadly speaking, my goals were to become a faster, stronger runner on the roads and trails. It was the year where I reached my 100th marathon with over half being Boston Qualifying times by the age of 28 making me one of the youngest in the world to complete the feat. I wanted to demonstrate that you can race often, you can race fast, and you can get faster with each passing year the more dedicated you are to your health AND nutrition. I took a year off from triathlons to begin my transition into trail and mountain running for what? To really discover how strong I can be on the trails in ultras. I am happy to say the transition has occurred nicely running the Ridgecrest 50K in 4:49 for 4th FOA leading up to my first 50 miler at Avalon 50 in 9:11 for 12th FOA. In 2013, I completed 35 races achieving personal records in marathon distance (3:16) to the 10K (41:09) and winning 1st female in distances from the marathon to the 5K while remaining injury-free. My priorities are always my family, health, and work; therefore, I am so grateful to have the supportive family and husband and to love my job working with the Jive Live team and teaching. What many do not see on the surface is the endless hours of hard work and the countless sacrifices to get to where I have. As I continue to aim to challenge myself year after year, I am not done yet. It gives me the fuel once again to look to 2014 with great optimism and focus that I will aim to make it an even better year. I look to 2014 as a year to make some great headway as I head towards the trails and mountains as often as possible. Approaching my 30th birthday coming this September has ignited an even greater fire inside to make things happen. I am grateful since I changed the course of my life back in 2005 that I truly have made my life better with each passing year. So I invite others to live their life with purpose because when you do, you will look forward to every single day of your life. Hard work always pays off.

New Year's Race Los Angeles

113 marathons
50 half marathons
7 half Ironmans
3 Ironmans
6 Ultras

2013 Notable Accomplishments:
1st FOA 2012 & 2013 Operation Jack Marathon
1st FOA 2012 & 2013 Hoover Dam Marathon
1st FOA Hard Rock Cafe 5K
Top 50 Females 2013 LA Marathon with +19,000 finishers
5th  “Best Frequent Marathoners” in US, 2013

2013 Features & TV Broadcasts:
2013 Boston Marathon Official Program
2013 Women’s Running Magazine
2013 Trail Runner Magazine, Jul. Issue
2013 Runner’s World Magazine, Oct. Issue
2013 Competitor Magazine, Nov. Issue
KTLA, ABC, KRCA, Univision, Telemundo, CNN Latino

1/4         New Year’s Race Half
1/11       Avalon 50mi
2/1         SOB 50K
2/9         San Juan 50K
2/16       Bandit 30K
2/23       Cowtown 50K
3/9         LA Marathon
3/23       Great Race of Agoura
3/29       GPM
4/5         Hollywood Half
4/21       Boston Marathon
4/27       SLO Marathon
5/4         WFL World Run
5/25       M2B Marathon
6/7         Fontana Half
6/27       Black Hills 50mi
7/6         Quito Marathon
7/27       SF Marathon
9/14       Big Kahuna 70.3
9/21       Ironman Lake Tahoe
10/13     Chicago Marathon
12/6       North Face 50mi
* subject to change to make additions and changes

2014 Athletic Goals
   Break 10K PR
   Break 3:10 marathon 
   Break 8:30 for 50mi
   Complete IMLT competitively
   Complete more new marathons/ultras in different states and countries
   Summit Cotopaxi 19,347', Shasta, & Whitney safely
   Complete my first trail 100mi (non loops)
** Overall: Become a stronger, faster road and trail runner

"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment."


  1. Great post.....and what an amazing year! As a fellow educator (and sometime runner), I'm very impressed. Keep it up!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Bill! Keep educating those minds. We stay strong together. :)

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    All the very best in 2014 Nadia. Look forward to hearing from you...

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    1. Thanks Darin! Just saw your post. Would definitely love to connect. Following now. Thank you!

  3. Nadia, you are such an inspiration! I'm completing my 3rd marathon at San Francisco in July too and am so nervous about it but reading your posts and seeing your photos of those ULTRA hills you tackle on a seemingly constant basis, reminds me to stay dedicated in order to build the strength I need to finish 26.2 #3. I really hope to see you there!!! Thanks for all you do to help keep us motivated! -Laura :)

    1. Of course! The more we remain dedicated to our journey and envision our goals daily, the more we will receive in return. I love SFM and it will definitely be a great race for you the more you tackle on those hills! :)

  4. Hi Nadia,

    I don't know what is driving you but this is incredible! I really admire your drive and feel really lazy when I read the races you have done (as I can't imagine your training program!). Fanstastic, Inspirational! It really shows what a person can do when they put their mind to it! Gaverne

  5. Hello,
    Great blog! The photos of where you've gone running gets me excited to lace up and explore. The intensity of your schedule lays it out there to let others know just what people are capable of doing. But one thing your blog has done, it that it's inspired me to make my own and to update it too. I'm not worried if anyone ever reads it or not, I know I read and re-read it all the time. And since its online I can read it anywhere. It's been a great tool for me to keep track of my goals and progress as well as to write down obstacles or challenges I might face. I like your list of races and even though I have no plan on keeping up with a race schedule like yours, it does give me a good idea of races in the area. Thanks for all the inspiration!