Runner's Footprints

Runner's Footprints

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Athletic Goals

Mt. Shasta Summit
As we embark in another year, many look to the new year enthusiastically as a new beginning. It is a fresh start to make dreams a reality. Others may view it as another chance to leave behind the past and move forward for a greater, brighter year. Regardless of your take, it is a wonderful time to take the opportunity to give ourselves a renewed sense of direction and purpose. One of the most glorious and great masterpiece of man is to have the choice to live life with purpose. When we live with purpose, everyday then becomes brighter, becomes more beautiful, and becomes a continuous blessing. Last year, I am extremely grateful to have had one of the most thrilling and greatest years for myself in athletic achievement and I could not have done any of it without the continuous, strong support of my husband and family and smart self-training. Completing 38 races in one year and achieving personal records in the Ironman distance, half ironman, marathon, half marathon and 10K while remaining injury-free and dedicated to my priorities as a full-time career woman proved to myself that I can improve with age and in multiple athletic arenas. It has given me the fuel to look to 2012 with great optimism and focus that I will aim to make it an even better year. So I invite others to live their life with purpose because when you do, you may just happen to look forward to every single day of your life. Happy living friends!

Fontana Half Marathon PR 1:26:45
“Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement.”

2012 Athletic Goals
  • Break 20:00 5K
  • Break 10K PR
  • Break 3:20 marathon barrier
  • Break 70.3 PR
  • Lower racing weight effectively
  • Complete more marathons in different states and countries
  • Complete as many marathons as I can injury-free and consistently strong
  • Complete more winter mountaineering summits above 14,000’ 

2012 Racing Schedule*
1/7       SoCal Half Marathon              1:37:36
1/15     Houston Marathon                  3:37:37
1/22     Carlsbad Marathon                  3:32:52
1/29     Coastal 5K                              19:35 PR - 2nd FOA
2/5       Surf City Marathon                 3:26:50
2/18     Myrtle Beach Marathon          3:20:39 - 2nd Div.
2/26     SoCal Tough Mudder             2:50:00
3/4       Napa Valley Marathon            3:22:47 - 6th Div.
3/10     Catalina Trail Marathon           5:16:32 - 3rd Div.
3/18     LA Marathon                           3:18:17 PR - "Top 50"
3/31     Ironman 70.3 Oceanside          6:03:47
4/16     Boston Marathon                     3:32:30
4/29     Big Sur Marathon                    3:26:45
5/20     Pasadena Marathon                 3:17:29 PR - 3rd FOA
6/3       Ojai to Ocean Marathon          3:34:39
6/23     Mayor’s Marathon                  4:22:12
7/29     SF Marathon                           3:35:34
8/4       ET Midnight Marathon           3:47:19 - 2nd FOA
8/12     Dos Amigos Half                    1:50:36 - 1st OA
8/25     Jet to Jetty 10K                        0:42:52 - 2nd FOA
9/2       Disneyland Half                      1:33:30 - 4th Div.
9/23     Hansen Dam 10mi                  1:16:01 - 2nd FOA
9/30     SuperFrog 70.3 Triathlon
10/7     Chicago Marathon
10/14   Nike Women's Marathon
10/28   Marine Corps Marathon
11/18   Route 66 Marathon
12/1     HITS Lake Havasu 140.6 Triathlon
*not a final schedule as other races may be added or some races may be dropped due to health or other commitments.

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